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Aizome is looking for YOU! Help us deliver skin-soothing, beautiful fabrics.

Aizome Bedding

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What we do

​Aizome is the traditional Japanese art of dyeing fabrics with natural indigo, a medicinal plant with great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Samurai used it under their armor to help heal wounds, babies were wrapped in aizome cloth and people slept on aizome bed sheets. Besides its skin-treating qualities, it was completely organic and waste-free. But as natural indigo was later replaced by cheaper – and much more harmful – synthetic indigo, aizome fell into oblivion. We want to resurrect it to its former glory and bring it into your bedroom.

Why we do

Why not make the most important textile (we spend 1/3 of our life in it) the best textile we own? Organic, certified safety for your whole family, hypoallergenic, anti-bedmite and premium soft with an decdanet 400 thread count sateen weave.

And as it turns out, if you take care of yourself, you also protect the environment - zero non-biodegradable waste produced with up 200 times less water that conventional chemical dyes. These bed sheets are as pure as before the industrial revolution.

How we do

We are nine devoted bed buffs. Through our work in Japan and elsewhere in healthcare, dermatology and textiles we were inspired by the ancient Japanese craft of aizome (藍染) - making textiles with natural indigo, the same as samurai wore under their armor to protect their skin from infections and help heal wounds.


We at Aizome just started out building our team, and we certainly need many hands from different fields to help us make something big out of the idea to create skin-friendly, indigo-coloured bedsheets.

Click "Want to visit" and let us know what you would like to contribute!

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Aizome Bedding
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  • Aizome is looking for YOU! Help us deliver skin-soothing, beautiful fabrics.
    Aizome Bedding