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Tech Intern
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Intern: Become part of a motivated and fun team in Berlin and change the way water is consumed at home!


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What we do

At Mitte we are on a mission to change how water is consumed, and ultimately replace plastic bottles.
We have created the first smart home appliance that enables users to create mineral water at home. Mitte purifies the water with a distillation based proprietary method, and then makes water not just clean but also healthy by enhancing it with minerals through our proprietary cartridge.

Why we do

There is a widespread and growing problem in regards to our water supplies. In many places, contaminants are unavoidable, and we continue to create waste via plastic bottles.

The insatiable demand for bottled water is a huge problem. Plastic bottles are finding their way into the human food chain and polluting every natural system on the planet. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis that will be as serious as climate change.

Mitte eliminates the need for plastic bottles, leading to a fundamental reduction in plastic waste, water waste, and carbon dioxide emissions.

Our goal is to make water safe and healthy for everyone and revolutionizing the way we drink water at home in the process. Inspired by nature’s water cycle, our process is led by a holistic users-first approach. Our machine not just looks beautiful, but is also extremely user friendly and durable.

How we do

Our patent-pending (EU patent n° EP17154125) distillation chamber is based on the principle of a thermoelectric heat pump, driven by two Peltier elements.

Mitte uses a mineral cartridge to replicate the process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks. Mitte distilled water flows through the different layers of our cartridge and slowly picks up healthy minerals.

The entire process is contained within a countertop appliance.

A companion app adds additional functionality and ease to interacting with the machine. Users can view information about their usage and modify settings.

It’s important for our team to learn from each other in different environments. We work together, as well as play together, such as our recent outing after the workday came to a close.


We're looking for a motivated tech intern to join our team in Berlin!

*** What will you do? ***
It’s an exciting time to join Mitte. We carried out a successful crowdfunding campaign at the end of last year and now we are in full preparation mode to start selling at the end of 2018. The hardware is almost ready, but we still have a lot of long term experiments to run and subsystems to test. With your engineering skills, eagerness to learn and passion for problem solving, you will be working together with our tech team to get Mitte 100% ready to hit the market. Join our amazing team in Berlin and help us bring Mitte to the world!

*** Your main responsibilities include ***

● Build and test mechanical/electrical sub systems.
● Provide technical support for experimental procedures.
● Conceptualise and test mechanical/electrical solutions for water purification technology.
● Maintain long term system testing.

*** This internship is perfect for you, if you can demonstrate ***

● Strong technical background and proven problem-solving skills in hardware development.
● Excellent practical skills: experimentation, planning, execution, documentation, presentation
● Maker mindset, creative sourcing of ideas, quick iterations with prototyping and testing
● Experience with electrical prototyping (e.g. Arduino) and rapid prototyping (e.g. 3D printing, laser
● Take ownership and work independently, while also being part of the larger team
● Ability and desire to dive into unfamiliar territory and jump between topics.
● Knowledge of and experience working with mechanical engineering / electrical engineer /
● Excellent English written and verbal communication skills across disciplines

*** Brownie points for ***
● Degree in Electrical/Mechatronic/Computer Engineering
● German verbal and written skills
● Previous startup experience
● Experience with consumer products, IoT devices, and/or design thinking

*** The deeds ***
We are offering you a 6 month internship, with the potential for permanent position. This is a great opportunity for learning and professional development, starting as soon as possible.

Does this sound like an opportunity you wouldn't like to miss? We look forward to your application! Simply click on "want to visit" to meet us for a chat and impress us with your Wantedly profile.

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  • Intern: Become part of a motivated and fun team in Berlin and change the way water is consumed at home!