Loops and Statements in Python




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The main application of the control flow statements in Python is to fix a block of code for a particular number of times. Then to execute the entire flow of the statements by means of if-else and nested flow statements. The following are some of the loop interruptions in Python:

1. Break Statement: Here the entire loop is tested in the if-else loop. If the particular program passes through the if statement.

2. Continue Statement: Here the entire piece of code is tested in continuous statement flow.

3. For loop in Python: In python programming the function of for loop is to perform a sequence of iterations for a certain number of times.

4. Else Statement: Here the entire piece of code is tested by means of an else block statement. So basically here the if-else statement is implemented.

5. Nested Loops: the function of a nested loop is to test the entire code by means of a loop inside a loop.

Python is extremely useful in data science, deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence, because of easy deployment of the python codes and because of its simpler syntaxes.

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