5 Ways To Improve Sense Of Humor.




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Every human is not brimming with a sense of humor. The skill is not rocket science but these 25 Ways can help Improve your sense of humor.

Share Your Point Of View More.
This is a no brainer when answering the question on how to improve humor skills. You cannot be Louis C. K., George Carlin, Richard Pryor or Robin Williams. It has to be the original YOU. Take a moment and think about the funniest people you have met in your life. You’ll realize that no one is the same. Every person has a different style, perspective, and opinion when describing an event. This originality makes you unpredictable and causes laughter. So start sharing your point of view from day one.

Explore Stand Up Comedy & Funny Videos.
Nobody can teach you all the other 22 ways mentioned in this article in a more practical way than watching the ones who have excelled in this field. But the most important part is that choose your learning videos carefully. You won’t like using dark humor of Louis C.K. in front of your friend circle consisting of people having strict moral and religious beliefs.

The Importance Of Subject, Target & Its Timing In Humor.
You can’t be more wrong in a situation if you are ignorant about the subject, its target, and its timing. Let’s say that what happens when you gift an adult magazine to a 6-year-old kid on his birthday? This is not a humorous or witty course of action but a stupid one. Here, the subject is the adult magazine, the target is the child and the timing is the birthday of kid. Although, the narration of the same incident 10 years from then would be hilarious.

Beware Of The Interests & Preferences Of Your Humor Victim.
This homework is performed by almost every comedian before coming onto the stage. The key to capturing the minds of your friends and colleagues is to be familiar with their interests and preferences. Developing a good sense of humor is not just about delivering fancy stuff but also about understanding the perspective of the listeners.

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The Importance Of Spontaneity.
If you aren’t quick in delivering the punchlines then the window of the joke to be made closes. Once the time has played its part, all you’ll ever do in the conversation is catching up.