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I have been designing for more than 15 years now. To think I started doing graphic design to make ends meet living in the suburb of Petaling Jaya,  as a part-time as opposed to my day job as an Instructional Designer at a local e-learning company. 

I began designing for individuals - I remember crafting my housemate's resume for the meager payment of a plate of mee goreng and a cup of nescafe tarik. The software which I had used was Adobe Photoshop 6, which resided on my PC which I had mainly used to play Civilization III after a long and arduous day at the office.

Fast forward to the present, I find myself establishing my own design agency at Neusoftpro Advertising, having done works for small businesses, corporate organizations, academic institutions and government agencies. 

I have had my shares of downturns throughout the years, but I find that what does not kill me only makes me stronger. I have been dealt blows after blows by Fate's hand, and I have breathed Heaven's air far more often than I could ever have been worthy of.
It has been 15 years of designing you. And I look forward to serving you many years ahead.