An Experiment with Plastics




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An idea to come up with something like this was basically because of plastics.The way variety of plastics are being used in the industry it gave me a thought of exploring plastics.I tried passing light through an acrylic rod which was quite achievable to a certain extent.I came up with an idea of designing an installation for the shops to display their items for the visitors.The inspiration was the spiral staircase which we come across around us.The constraint to make this was that only two plastic materials can be used to make anything we want.So I came up with the installation on which products (like watches) can be displayed with the rod being lit up with the help of an LED light from the base.Acrylic rod and polystyrene sheet were the two materials used for the product.

A rendered view of the actual model to show how it looks in real 

Techniques like hatching,etching,drilling (vertical,horizontal) and sanding were used to try passing out light through acrylic.In the end I could only make light could pass only through the drilled part but could not make it pass through acrylic.Though it appears that the light is passing but its actually the glow which was seen.