Umbrella Lamp




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Shortlisted in  Lexus Design Award 2014 and LG OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition

The umbrella light is inspired from the Japanese umbrella. It consists of 16 200 X 50mm Standard panels of CCT 3500k Creating total lumens of 1168 lm which falls under EL and FPL bulb category, suitable for home lights. Anything which is more interactive and mysterious can easily make anyone curious about it. The changing shape and the movement can interestingly does the job. You have the freedom to shift its axis of light by changing its height just like an umbrella. For this you have to interact with it. Though Lexus is a proud brand, why not to take something for inspiration which has its deep cultural root. The base is made of Aluminium and so the rods and the light handle holders to provide strength as well as lightness. The hands are made of hard plastic with Aluminium base inside it. You can adjust the height also by the help of height adjustment panel. The movement like an umbrella is achieved by pulling the wires which establish the electrical connections. The wires is coated with rubber so to provide strength while pulling. Every part is replaceable, made separately and can be disassembled too. The height adjustment part and the upper fixer is also made up of hard plastic made out of moulds. In spite of its shape, it can be taken to places also when it is in closed positions makes is convenient to carry.