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Holi Festival could be considered to be any photographer's psychedelic dream come true. There is a long story that encompasses the traditions behind this celebration of colours, of Indian epics pertaining of courage and love and triumph over evil. Lore aside, I believe it is the combination of colours that really draws the attention of both camera wielders and revellers, plus the sheer amount of joy smearing coloured powder onto a stranger's face is all the more fun. The only draw back for gear handlers is to make sure their equipment are sealed tight, less they want their lenses to be filled with fine coloured particles, combined with the occassional torrent of water that pours on yearning participants.This year, SDS Holi (Malaysia) had attempted and broken Malaysian Records by attracting 6,000 participants that hailed from different race, religion and age, some of the numbers were contributed by enthusiastic travellers that probably wanted to dip their toes of curiousity into this coloured filled atmosphere. This is what I like about the festival, that it brings humans together and just stop caring about the differences for awhile, after all everyone will be equally colourful in the end.

Just some balancing thoughts:While it is great to celebrate humanity for while, let us not forget about the by-products of our celebration. What  was not included within this set of colourful and joyous pictures is the leftover puddle of coloured "mud", their plastic packets and empty beverage containers strewn across the venue. Yes, there will be workers who will clean up after us, but surely we can be a bit more disciplined on how we'd handle our ... by-products.



Kyle Low