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What we do

-Revolutionizing recruitment in the beauty industry- We run the biggest recruitment website in the beauty industry, called "Rejob." We use the profits we make from this business to create new services . Rejob succeeded in implementing the pay-per-performance model in the recruitment process of the beauty industry. This was completely new and revolutionary, and is proven by our sales which has been growing by 200% every year. -Making the world a better place through business- We are creating new services which push humans forward in this capitalistic society. Currently we have 3 new businesses running, including our Silicon Valley branch.

Why we do

We're looking for a tutor, because we want you to teach our CEO English, and learn about our company and our vision in return. Through English lessons, we want you to get to know our CEO, and potentially work with us in the future. We hope to connect with you as we spread our business across the globe.

How we do

Learn about the company as you interact with our CEO through the English lessons. We already have 3 people who started out as tutors and became interns. Some of us who we met at the Silicon Valley office, have even visited us in Japan as a summer intern.