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What we do

We are a product development studio based in Berlin working on products for promising startups and help established companies innovating on their products and services. We work in agile, multi-disciplinary teams which helps us solve business problems for our clients by building the right product. Also we value the work that other developers share as open source on github and we try to give back as much as possible by contributing and hosting community events such as

Why we do

Jens, on the Backend side of Apps
Christian, Product Designer
We have previously worked as freelancers as well as in bigger teams, and from that comparison decided that we'd rather go small but creative and flexible. Who doesn't hate working with a management that thinks they know better how to do our jobs? We just want to do cool stuff and make money with our ideas. No hanky-panky.

How we do

Our current server side tech stack includes: --------------------------------------------------- - Ruby on Rails - node.js / meteor - Postgresql - Redis - Elasticsearch Our Front-end tech stack includes: --------------------------------------------------- - HTML / CSS / SASS - JavaScript - React / Redux - Webpack / Babel On the client side (iOS) you will find ----------------------------------------- - Swift 4 - Functional Reactive Programming - Modern, tested and well structured code - As much open source libraries as possible, including our own maintained open source projects (See )

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