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What we do

About Workeroom At Workeroom, we envision a world in which everyone can market and procure professional services as easy as possible. We believe each service deserves a price, and getting paid for work on time is important. On the other hand, we believe consumers deserve more choices, and procuring quality service should be efficient and reliable. Our platform is designed to make the above possible, by offering values in different phases of the service procurement cycle, as well as gathering a network of service professionals and consumers that emerges and grows over time.

Why we do

Workeroom is a one-stop digital marketplace for professional services in Hong Kong. Our marketplace facilitates buying and selling of professional services in a transparent, efficient and reliable manner. Through our trusted marketplace, we hope to promote outstanding local professionals and make it easy for consumers to identify and use their services. Workeroom is a user-centric platform and has a commitment to users. We will keep working very hard to iterate and improve our platform to provide the best experience to our users.

How we do

Workeroom covers professional services in five main categories including Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Technology, Corporate and Accounting as well as Translation and Writing. We will regularly update our service offerings based on user feedback and actual market needs. Please stay-tuned to our latest news and updates. If you have any suggestion on our service offerings, we are also keen to hear from you.